Last Friday, 10 Birhor people joined an audience of Indian academics at a two-day conference in the city of Ranchi, in northeastern India, titled “Development and Change in Primitive Tribal Groups of Jharkhand.” The purpose of the conference was to explore ways that the tribal peoples of Jharkhand State might be able to join the […]

Respect is one of the most significant features of peaceful peoples, an essential element in the maintenance of their harmony. A lack of respect bedevils the G/wi as they struggle with the government of Botswana to overcome the discrimination they face. Requests that they be treated just as respectfully as all the other citizens of […]

In traditional Ladakhi communities, scarce supplies of water were carefully distributed to the fields of all landowners so everyone could have their fair share of the precious resource. Mann (1986) describes how the villagers engaged churpons, officials who would channel water and avoid wastage. The churpons, paid by the families that received the water, saw […]