The Yanadi and Chenchu people living in the Machilipatnam area of Andhra Pradesh decided to dramatize their poverty by having their kids do a lot of begging. A reporter visited the scores of children, some as young as three years old, crowded along a beach road at the popular Manginapudi Beach in Krishna District, located […]

For a long time, the Mangyan people on Mindoro Island, especially the Buid and the Bangon, have ventured into Calapan City during the Christmas season to beg on the streets. Nine years ago, Philippine news stories reported that those two animist peoples, who live primarily in the south central mountains of the island, have seen […]

Fewer Buid “tribesmen” have been begging in Calapan City, the capital of Philippines’ Oriental Mindoro province, during the current holiday season compared to previous years. A report from a correspondent of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in the online news source, indicates that tribal peoples on Mindoro Island, especially the Bangon and Buid peoples—called collectively […]