A nightmare for the Kadar is returning. Kerala announced last week that the State Electricity Board has been granted permission to resume planning a large power dam on the Chalakudy River. The proposed dam, which has generated extensive news coverage over the years, would harm or destroy a couple Kadar villages and inundate the habitat […]

Opponents of a proposed dam on the Chalakudy River in central Kerala, which will destroy a Kadar village, are launching a scientific investigation to study the management of the entire river system. The proposed dam would have a severe impact on the nearby Athirappilly waterfalls, a major tourist attraction for the region, and, its opponents […]

The government of Kerala has decided to build a large dam that will destroy the habitat of numerous endangered plant and animal species and force the relocation of a Kadar village. Despite strong opposition for a number of years by environmentalists and supporters of the tribal society, the government recently announced that the project will […]

A meeting held in Chennai last Thursday highlighted the threats that big dams pose to tribal peoples throughout India, including the Kadar of Kerala state. If Kerala builds a large dam on the Chalakudy (or Chalakkudy) River, it will evidently harm a Kadar village located near the planned site of the dam. A statement issued […]