A primary school, attended mostly by Ju/’hoansi, serves as the major source of food for many San children who only are able to go when they are fed. The shortcomings of the sporadic school lunch program at the Omatako Primary School near Tsumkwe, the major community of the San in northeastern Namibia, was described in […]

A disturbing news story was published in Tahiti Infos on Tuesday last week about the existence of sexual violence against Tahitian children on the major islands of Tahiti and Moorea. The article included analyses by experts and remedies for the scourge of pedophilia. Two Tahitian organizations—the Compagnie du Caméléon and the Colosse aux Pieds d’Argile—have […]

Paul Turke, an anthropologist who did field work on Ifaluk Island in the early 1980s, has just shared a few recollections of the islanders in a Psychology Today blog post. He links the pleasures grandparents can derive from helping raise their grandchildren—as the Ifaluk do—to successful human evolution. He recalls his trip to Micronesia with […]

The staff at the Pangthang Junior High School in Sikkim released a video to YouTube last week that portrays not only the school itself but also the spirit of the Lepchas. Titled simply “Pangthang School,” the three and one half minute video is sung in English by a group of the students, with subtitles in […]

Kangiqsualujjuaq, an Inuit village of 900 people, has the highest rate of children living in foster care of any place in Nunavik. The mayor and the other leaders decided to do something to address this dismal fact about their community. According to an article in the CBC last week, Hilda Snowball, the mayor of Kangiqsualujjuaq, […]

Puritanical religious authorities tried to stamp out traditional Tahitian dancing in an earlier era, but according to one website devoted to the subject, ori Tahiti, Tahitian dance, is making a strong comeback. It is, as the website says, “a typical expression of the Polynesian soul.” The website, TahitiDanceOnline.com, published a post on December 23, 2015, […]