A young Zapotec man has gotten a scholarship to attend Harvard University, an achievement that fosters pride among the people in his community, more widely in Oaxaca state, and among Mexicans in general. According to a news report on May 24, the 23-year-old scholar, Ramiro González Cruz, is from San Isidro El Costoche, in the […]

Dr. Bahari Belaton, a Semai scholar, has been promoted to a high-level academic dean position in Malaysia. According to an enthusiastic news story about him in the New Straits Times last week, he is the first Orang Asli person to reach that level of academic achievement. Bahari received a bachelor’s degree in computer science in […]

Sonam Wangchuk, a visionary Ladakhi engineer, won a prestigious international prize for his ice stupa design in mid-November and announced two weeks later that the money would help fund a new university. His intention is that Ladakhis, at the first university to be built in their section of India, should themselves develop innovative solutions to […]

Early September is a time of rapid change and growth for little children entering the scary world of kindergarten, older youngsters sauntering into high school, and young adults beginning their careers at colleges and universities. These challenges are especially hard for young people who have to leave small, native communities and move to large campuses, […]

What happens to young Amish people who ignore the normal requirements of their society about ending their schooling after the eighth grade and decide to get more education? Are they vilified by their families and their churches? To find out, Paul W. Nisly, a professor at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, surveyed a group of former […]