For years, the major research interest of Jeffrey H. Cohen, an anthropology professor at the Ohio State University, has been the culture of the Zapotecs in Mexico’s Oaxaca state. But travel restrictions due to the pandemic prevent his normal summer of fieldwork there, so he published last week a very accessible article to bring his […]

Italics Magazine, an English-language online periodical covering anything related to Italy and the Italian people, published a story on November 25 about Tristan da Cunha. While the overall purpose of the piece is to review the salient facts of Tristan history, the writer, Andrea Angelini, pays special attention to the Italian seamen who settled on […]

A veteran Malaysian politician was unexpectedly stranded in an isolated Semai community in the Cameron Highlands on New Year’s Eve. The sense of being trapped fostered feelings of sympathy for the poverty of the Orang Asli. According to one news report, Lim Kit Siang, a long-time leader of the Democratic Action Party (DAP), entered the […]

The New York Times last Thursday carried a feature about people who have sought solitude from the stresses of modern life by settling in remote places. A sidebar to the article contained brief portrayals of “Five Destinations for Solitude Seekers.” Those places include the Northern Territory of Australia, Greenland, Pitcairn Island, Svalbard, and Tristan da […]