The Kadar living in the Anakkayam Colony had to flee for their lives last August 16 when a huge landslide swept everything away right next to their homes. They’ve been homeless ever since, according to a news report published in the New Indian Express last week. A good review of the background was provided by […]

Nearly ten months ago, a surprise landslide buried three homes in the Semai community of Sungai Ruil, killing seven people. The government of Malaysia reacted with compassion and promptness, but questions remain about the causes of the tragedy. The landslide occurred during the evening of August 7, 2011 just a few km. above the major […]

Heavy rains early last week caused a landslide to roar down on a Semai community near the resort town of Tanah Rata, at the western edge of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, killing seven people and seriously injuring two others. Initial estimates were that the community had 145 homes with about 1300 people in them […]