A corruption scandal in the traditional Fipa territory recently resulted in disciplinary action being taken against numerous officials. Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla, Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism of Tanzania, suspended 27 game rangers and officers after hearing complaints at a village meeting. According to a report on July 9 in a Tanzanian news service, Kigwangalla […]

The territory where the Fipa live in southwestern Tanzania has been designated by the national government as an environmentally sensitive area due to human abuses of the land. Two newspapers, the Tanzania Daily News and The Citizen, both from Dar es Salaam, published reports last week on plans to begin rectifying the situation. The so-called […]

A newly-formed Hutterite colony in southern Alberta has been seeking approval of its plans to construct buildings and begin farming on lands it has purchased, but local residents are strongly opposed. Plans by the Clear Lake Colony, just north of Lethbridge, to develop its new branch colony, Summerland, and the opposition by some residents in […]