A number of Hutterite colonies in Manitoba are hiring non-Hutterites as employees in their manufacturing businesses, which is beginning to change their economic and social relationships. The Winnipeg Free Press explained the development in a news story on May 5. The largest enterprise cited by the news service is a company called Springfield Woodworking, owned […]

A newly-formed Hutterite colony in southern Alberta has been seeking approval of its plans to construct buildings and begin farming on lands it has purchased, but local residents are strongly opposed. Plans by the Clear Lake Colony, just north of Lethbridge, to develop its new branch colony, Summerland, and the opposition by some residents in […]

James Stahl, the young tour guide, tells a reporter from the nearby town newspaper that while lots of things are now done differently in the colonies, basic Hutterite values have not changed. Giving a tour last week for the Mountain View Gazette, a weekly paper in Olds, Alberta, Stahl described the way his group is […]

Ohio has now topped Pennsylvania in having the most Amish of any state in the U.S., 60,233 to 59,078, according to three scholars who have just completed a study of their population. Professor of Rural Sociology at Ohio State University Joseph Donnermeyer, the leader of the study, indicated when he released the figures that the […]

A prominent Buddhist leader in Ladakh expressed his irritation last week about the fact that their population growth is lagging behind that of the Ladakhi Muslims. The president of the Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA), Dr. Sonam Dawa, sent a letter to the State government of Jammu and Kashmir, of which Ladakh is a part, asking […]

A news story in the Telegraph of Calcutta last week observed that the demographic trends of Ladakh are running against the Buddhists. The article indicates that the population of 236,000 Ladakhis is divided, according to the 2001 census, into 47.4 percent Muslims and 45.9 percent Buddhists. The worrisome feature of the story—at least for the […]

Whenever the Hutterites buy another large farm, controversy and resentment swirl in the wake of the sale. “Once it’s sold to the Hutterites it’s gone forever…it’s just not good.” The complaints of this Montana man about the recent sale to the Hutterites of the large Johnson Family farm in Glacier County, near the market town […]