Older Nubians are upset about the way young people are demonstrating to dramatize their rights—such approaches are contrary to the Nubian tradition of peacefulness, according to an interesting news feature published last week. Hannah Allam, writing for the McClatchy Newsfeatures, covered a number of angles about Nubian claims and grievances that supplement earlier reports. She […]

The Nubian Museum near Aswan, in southern Egypt, the world’s primary reservoir for Nubian history, art, and culture, has been forging ties with important American museums. These connections were developed by Ossama Abdel Meguid, the director of the Nubian Museum since its founding in 1997, when he secured a Fulbright scholarship to visit two Boston […]

“The loss of Nubia was one of the world’s great tragedies,” according to the Cairo magazine Al-Ahram, in an article this week about the Nubian Museum in Southern Egypt. The article describes how the museum, built near Aswan by the Egyptian government and opened in 1997, effectively depicts Nubian history and culture. The article reviews […]