Charles Ariitetoa Rochette, a 54-year old Tahitian man, became an orero, a public speaker, so he could help preserve and transmit the culture of his society. La Dépêche de Tahiti, a prominent daily newspaper in French Polynesia, published a story about him last Wednesday. Mr. Rochette gained his knowledge and aptitude for transmitting Tahitian legends […]

During an oral history interviewing project in September 2006, the Tristan Islanders revealed their suspicions about having their history interpreted by others. Ann Day, a British social historian, describes the project and the reactions of the Islanders to her and to her work in a recent journal article. The project began when a visiting Scottish […]

When a young Inuit man commented, “time is nine to five,” he was showing that he accepted the rigid, Western concept of time only when he had to. His remark also illustrates the ways the Inuit negotiate with Western cultural values. A recent journal article by Yvon Csonka explores the very different conceptions of time […]