An Amish couple has settled a lawsuit against the U.S. federal government with guarantees that their freedom from being photographed will not be abrogated. The Indianapolis Star published an account of the historic agreement on May 29. Since Old Order Amish religious beliefs prohibit self-promotion, they were listed in the lawsuit only as “John and […]

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting published an interesting report last week by multimedia journalist Lauren E. Bohn on the Nubians of Egypt and their continuing claims to lands along the Nile. The text of her article offers little that is new: the losses the Nubians suffered since the Aswan High Dam was closed in […]

Lye Tuck Po, a prominent Malaysian anthropologist, has visited her Batek friends in the Taman Negara National Park, and once again she has posted some wonderful photos of them. As she has had time over the past several weeks, Dr. Lye has been adding images to her blog, and to her Flickr site. She has […]

Lye Tuck-Po visited the Batek once again over the long New Year’s weekend, and as usual she has posted some wonderful photos to her blog, including some charming ones of children and young people. She no sooner returned to her home than she began posting her pictures. The first, on Friday January 6th, was a […]

Through the lens of a skilled photographer, the Batek people, particularly their children, appear to radiate charm, beauty, and peacefulness. A couple of photo-filled blog posts by Lye Tuck-Po this past week, one on Monday July 25th and the other on Sunday the 31st, certainly capture the inner beauty of these people. Dr. Lye’s blog […]

Lye Tuck-Po revived her blog two weeks ago with an adorable—and that’s the only appropriate word—picture of three Batek children taken in a forest during her most recent visit. All three kids appear to be under seven. A little boy on the right has a determined look on his face as he chops away with […]

Photographs of starving Inuit people, taken during an Arctic famine in 1950, are among the highlights of an exhibition that is currently being shown at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Richard Harrington, a Canadian commercial photographer and photojournalist, made six trips to the Arctic between 1948 and 1953, but it was his 1950 visit, when he […]

An exhibition of George Webber’s striking photos of the Little Bow Hutterite Colony is now on view at the Glenbow Museum, located in the heart of downtown Calgary. Titled “Hutterite Traditions: Photographs by George Webber,” the exhibit went on display February 14 and will remain open until April 13. It includes Hutterite items such as […]