The Hindu, a leading newspaper in India, recently reported on alcohol problems among the Kadar. The same paper last week published two more articles about them, the first of which focused on their new venture—the cultivation of pepper. The reporter indicates that the Kadar of Pokalapara, located in the Vazhachal Forest District of Kerala, decided […], the source of a story about commercial pepper being grown by the Paliyans of Kerala State back in September, has run another piece that provides more information about the venture. CGH Earth, a Kerala firm that runs resorts in that state, started a subsidiary, Natural Harvest ( India) Pvt Ltd., to reintroduce pepper cultivation […]

A Paliyan community in the Thekkady Forest of India’s Kerala State has gotten involved in a scheme to supply organic pepper to a new commercial venture. According to a news story last week, Natural Harvest (India) Pvt, Ltd, has organized the project. It employs 500 families from three different tribal communities that live in the […]