Societies with Western roots—the Hutterites, Amish and Tristan Islanders—tend to use corporal punishment on their children more than other peaceful societies, which are often much more permissive. However, some Hutterites are changing their approaches to child rearing, according to a recent journal article by Suzanne R. Smith and Bron Ingoldsby. The authors describe the traditional, […]

The Ju/’hoansi criticize or verbally punish people whose behavior disrupts the cohesion, harmony, and mutual assistance in their communities. Drawing on her field notes from an eight-week visit to Botswana in 1974, and six weeks of observations in 1996-1997, Polly Wiessner analyzes in a recent journal article the ways the Ju/’hoansi use verbal punishments to […]

Research conducted in America has shown that spanking children may foster their aggressive tendencies, but a recent investigation indicates that the cultural context of discipline is quite significant. In the current issue of Child Development, Jennifer E. Lansford from Duke University and a team of 14 co-authors report on the results of their study of […]