For one week every year, women in the Acadia Hutterite Colony, located about 5 miles northeast of the town of Carberry in southwestern Manitoba, host a quilting event for charity. The ladies hold their quilting bee in the school gym on the colony grounds. According to a recent newspaper account, the women completed 800 quilts […]

In 1993 the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Visitor’s Bureau gushed that the Amish had helped make the area into “a patchwork quilt of beautifully tended farms that produce more food than any other non-irrigated county in North America.” Even if the tourist hype is ignored, the statement still shows how much the county has become identified […]

Quilting, for Amish women, provides many personal benefits to the quilters, such as venues for expressing artistic creativity, justification for social activity, and satisfaction about contributions to family economies. Although quilting lost its popularity for much of American society in the middle of the 20th century, it never lost its appeal among very traditional cultures […]