The reporter was clearly impressed with some aspects of a small Yanadi crab-fishing community located along the banks of an irrigation channel in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The community, consisting of just 13 houses, is near Vadapalem hamlet in the Machilipatnam Mandal of Krishna District. In a news report published by The Hindu on December 22, […]

A fascinating research report about a project intended to strengthen the indigenous knowledge systems of the Himalayan peoples, including the Lepchas, was published in June 2018. A news report dated August 31 prompts interest in the report. The research study was designed to reinforce traditional systems of providing foods in the mountains by focusing on […]

A number of Malaysian volunteers, guided by a team of researchers, built a group of four prototype houses for some Semai families that combined traditional forest products with modern construction materials and techniques. A journalist, accompanied by several of the university researchers guiding the project, took a trip by motorcycle along rough forest paths to […]

The village of Gharb Sohail, located a few miles south of Aswan, is a good example of a community where the old Nubian culture survives, at least for tourists. A travel article containing several interesting observations about the village and the Nubians appeared last week in an English-language newspaper from the UAE. Aya Nader, the […]