The original residents of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana joyfully welcomed a group of visitors into their villages recently, according to a blog post written by an official with the safari operator. To judge by their website, Wilderness Safaris is a well-established company that offers safari experiences for tourists in southern Africa. The […]

A group of Malaysian university students recently spent a couple days in a Semai village in Pahang State in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the indigenous society. The Star, a prominent newspaper in Malaysia, published a brief news story about the adventure. The Semai village of Kampung Pos Buntu, in the Raub […]

The fascinating experiences of an Orthodox Jewish woman researcher, who lived with a Pennsylvania Amish family recently, were related in a newspaper article last Thursday. Ayelett Shani interviewed the researcher, Dr. Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar, to find out how she was able to arrange to live with the Amish family, what she observed, and how she […]