The Ju/’hoansi are working with land managers to protect the surrounding Kalahari Desert lands from hot-season fires that threaten their villages and their livelihoods. A news story in the online newspaper Namibia Economist last week reported that seasonal fires, especially in the summer in southern Africa, pose a serious environmental threat. The Ju/’hoansi have been […]

  According to an article in The Hindu last week, some Paliyans acted heroically to help rescue trekkers in the mountains of Tamil Nadu who had been overcome by a forest fire. When police and medical personnel wanted to launch a rescue operation for the trekkers in Kolukkumalai, located in the Theni district near Kurangani, […]

The giant bush fires that swept across the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) in Botswana last month have finally burned out, but the damage is still being assessed. Survival International raised the alarm about the situation on September 8 with a news release indicating that huge fires were destroying a lot of vegetation, including the […]