On Tuesday last week, Lepchas celebrated an important festival in numerous villages of Sikkim with dancing, singing by masked performers, and displaying models of their sacred mountain, Tendong. The Northeast Today published an article on Wednesday about the annual festival, called Tendong Lho Rum Faat, as did a number of other websites. In Daramdin, a […]

Guelaguetza festivals, held in late July every year in Oaxaca City and other nearby towns of southern Mexico, celebrate the acts of giving and receiving in traditional Zapotec culture. The participants are famous for their extremely colorful costumes and dances. Unfortunately, according to a recent report from Public Radio International, the festivals have become highly […]

Every 12 years, the most important pilgrimage of the entire Himalayan region is held at the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh to celebrate the life of the 11th century Buddhist sage Naropa. The Naropa Festival, which will take place during the entire month of July this year, brings tourists from around the world to the monastery […]

Last Thursday, Katiushka Borges uploaded to Youtube an effective video she produced about a Piaroa community and their upcoming huarime festival, to which visitors are cordially invited. Ms. Borges gives her email address and welcomes contacts from viewers who are thinking of attending. The video is clearly intended for a widespread audience, for comments made […]

Some Zapotec from Coatecas Altas, in Mexico’s Oaxaca state, started an annual festival in Madera, California, in 2009 and it has grown steadily since then. Called La Fiesta del Pueblo, the celebration began as a way for people from the Mexican town to celebrate their community saint, San Juan Evangelista. Juan Santiago, a young Zapotec […]

The Star, a Malaysian newspaper, ran a feature story last week by Ann Marie Chandy about the celebration of Christmas in a Semai village in Perak state. The author does not identify the village by name, nor does she indicate what percentage of the community is Christian. But her report conveys the charm of the […]

The organizers of the Ladakh International Film Festival (LIFF) are promoting a movement in India to build awareness of the need to protect women and girls from rape, infanticide, and feticide. The festival, which began last summer, is now receiving films for its second year. Some 600 people attended last summer. Organizers are hoping the […]

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee has just been celebrated on the remote island of Tristan da Cunha by 262 British subjects, who are among the world’s most enthusiastic supporters of the English monarchy. The quiet, judicious style of the Queen has endeared her to her subjects, including those on Tristan. The celebrations commemorating her 60 years […]