Nirmala was celebrated by a local official in India’s Chhattisgarh state for being the first Birhor girl to complete class 12. A photo that accompanies the Times of India news story last week shows the District Collector for the Jashpur District, Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, congratulating the girl in a ceremonial setting. Nirmala says she hopes […]

Two news stories last week highlighted the challenges involved with educating children raised in Sumbawanga, the major city of Tanzania’s Rukwa Region and the traditional heartland of the Fipa people. The first article, published by the Daily News from Tanzania on January 15th, described the concerns officials have for the fact that local parents appear […]

Sometimes numbers can be intriguing, particularly when they deal with challenges to fundamental social values such as equal opportunities for public school education. Umaporn Pattaravanich and others, in a recent journal article, cite several interesting statistics as part of their analysis of Thai secondary school attendance. The authors relate the changing statistics they cite to […]