While the Semai usually retreat from conflicts and violence, one man who has developed a successful business has also gained renown for his willingness to fight. The New Straits Times featured the story of John Bah Tuin last week, his popular inn, and his fight with a gang of robbers. Mr. Tuin developed and runs […]

An examination of the psychology of the Semai shows that linear models of frustration and aggression—that frustrations produce anger which leads to aggression—are somewhat oversimplified. A 1977 journal article by Clayton Robarchek, added this week to the Archive of this website, proposes a revision to the frustration-aggression models in light of his Semai data. Robarchek […]

When Douglas Fry studied two neighboring Zapotec villages in the 1980s, he came up with some fascinating data about peacefulness and violence. In both villages the people articulate ideals of cooperation, respect and equality and they disapprove such antisocial actions as stealing, adultery, and physical violence. However, the residents of the more violent community believe […]