The government of Montana took an anti-Hutterite law to the state Supreme court last Wednesday, arguing that its 2009 statute, which forces colony businesses to provide workers compensation, is necessary in order to be fair to non-Hutterite construction firms. A state judge had already decided that the law forcing the Hutterites to pay for workers […]

Compromising with the Amish, which has long been important in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, now seems to be taking hold in Kentucky too, where legislators are crafting a law that will respect Amish rights as well as general safety concerns. While most Old Order Amish have no problems with displaying the slow moving vehicle triangles on […]

Indian film superstar Chiranjeevi championed a Yanadi woman, Tupakula Munemma, over two years ago when he founded his Praja Rajyam party and ran, unsuccessfully, for Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He invited her to run for the state legislative assembly in his party, which she did. Last week, Chiranjeevi, the film star turned politician—he was […]