A recent conference focusing on missing or murdered indigenous women and girls held in Winnipeg sought to stem the violence perpetrated against Inuit females. The round table meeting, held February 24 – 26, included government and Inuit leaders plus the families of victims. Participants spoke about the importance of finding resources that would end the […]

A support group has launched a campaign to foster awareness and actions that will help Inuit women who suffer from violence within their families. Nunatsiaq Online, reporting on the story early last week, indicated that the focus of the new program is to involve other people—bystanders, office colleagues, neighbors—in suspected cases of violence. Pauktuutit Inuit Women […]

Amish people from Indiana attended a conference in Utah on Friday with fundamentalist Mormons, some of whom are active polygamists, so members of both patriarchal societies could share their perceptions about abuse. The third annual Safety Net Clinical Conference, which had the title “Creating Safety to Access Service: Building Bridges with Plural Communities,” was held […]