The migration by Zapotec farmers to find work north of the Mexican border is now fostered as much by global climate change as it is by other economic factors. A 2,400-word article published in the National Observer, a Canadian news website, on Monday last week explains the nature of the migration, its causes, and, most […]

Last Thursday, the New York Times featured the decline, and more recently the resurgence, of the traditional varieties of corn grown by Zapotec farmers in Mexico’s Oaxaca state. The article focused on the farmers in the Zapotec community of Santa Ana Zegache. The piece in the Times made the facts clear: the white, yellow, and […]

Upside Down World, an online progressive magazine focusing on Latin America, carried a story last week about a Zapotec festival held in the town of Santa Gertrudis earlier in February. The fourth annual Feria of the Cornfield—Globalization and the Natural Resources—was organized by a local group, the Union of Organizations of the Sierra Juarez of […]