The migration by Zapotec farmers to find work north of the Mexican border is now fostered as much by global climate change as it is by other economic factors. A 2,400-word article published in the National Observer, a Canadian news website, on Monday last week explains the nature of the migration, its causes, and, most […]

Millions of Rural Thai children are being raised by their grandparents, a social situation that seems to be producing serious problems for the youngsters, such as increased levels of aggression toward their peers. The Bangkok Post last week published an analysis of the issue based on preliminary results from an academic study plus the paper’s […]

The Amish are starting to leave Lancaster County, according to an article published last week in the daily digital magazine Ozymandus (or “OZY” for short). The piece, written by Chris Scinta, indicates that the tourism industry, which has blossomed in the county, is so badly affecting the lifestyle of the Amish themselves that some have […]

At the end of last week in Thailand, news reports were cautiously hopeful, since protesters had mostly ended their blockades, expecting the courts to resolve the political crisis. While the impasse continues between the government of prime minister Yingluck Shiniwatra with her mostly rural power base and the urban/elite anti-government faction, at least Bangkok traffic […]

Scholars and policy makers have tended to view Rural Thai villages as stable communities where people normally retain permanent residences. That stability is believed to be an essential ingredient in fostering both a healthy society and a productive economy. Migrations of people, according to that view, are a problem that officials and policy makers need […]

In 2004 the journal Demography carried an article by Leah K. VanWey (reviewed here on April 7, 2005) that reported how rural female Thai migrants exhibit more altruistic behavior than rural males when they send remittances back to their villages. Van Wey has published another journal article about remittances in rural northeast Thailand, this time […]

Out-migration is a growing problem for traditional pastoral communities of eastern Ladakh, according to Monisha Ahmed, who was quoted in an article in The Hindu on Sunday. Dr. Ahmed’s findings appear to complement, and perhaps vary a bit, from the research results of Sarah K. Goodall, whose work on migration from eastern Ladakh was reviewed […]