One of the ways that hostile individuals in many majority groups express their negative feelings toward minorities is to invent economic problems that THEY, the minority, are causing for US, the majority. Attacking the economic difficulties that THEY supposedly cause is easy, even without facts to back up assertions. For instance, many majority Americans assert […]

The Piaroa are suffering economically, according to a news report published last week in the online Venezuelan newspaper El Pitazo. The malaise is not just affecting the minority indigenous people. The reporter quoted a trade union leader, Yetzy Sira, who said that 40 percent of the employees in the government of Amazonas state in southern […]

While involvement by the Kadar in wildlife and forest management has been well publicized, a recent journal article gives details about the value of the forest products they gather. The article, published online by Jyotsna Krishnakumar and four of her colleagues, discusses the need for better management of the non-timber forest products (NTFPs) gathered by […]

Anthropologists have characterized many hunting and gathering societies as “immediate return,” a phrase that describes people who consume their food immediately since they have no way of accumulating and storing surplus. Such foraging societies often lack competition and are highly egalitarian. The Chewong certainly fit that description. In contrast, “delayed return” societies, especially peoples who […]

Deutsche Welle, the prominent German international broadcaster, carried a news story about the economy of the Ju/’hoansi on Saturday that provided a fairly hopeful perspective on the prospects for their Nyae Nyae Conservancy in northeastern Namibia. The reporters described, in an English language report, several different ways the people are now able to make money […]