The Tristan Islanders, with the cooperation of colonial officials in the U.K., have set aside as a protected zone a vast swath of ocean waters around their islands to provide permanent protection for the unique species of birds and marine life that enrich this area of the South Atlantic Ocean. According to a thorough magazine […]

Two sailors on a cross-Pacific voyage kept running into very difficult sailing conditions so they decide to head for Ifaluk Atoll in search of better winds. Claude Appaldo and Tom Zydler sail into the Ifaluk lagoon in the western Pacific after a voyage across the ocean from Panama that took many months to complete. The […]

The Blue Belt Programme, developed by the UK government to promote a thorough study of the marine environment surrounding its South Atlantic islands, is generating some interesting scientific results. A report published last week by one of the scientists who participated in the voyage of a research vessel earlier this year in the waters of […]

A storm has been brewing over a proposed development on the northwest coast of Raiatea, but the disgruntled Tahitians are so far expressing their opposition through petitions and protests. One of the Leeward Group in the Society Islands, Raiatea is perhaps best known for its remarkable Taputapuatea Marae, a large grouping of ancient stone structures […]

Yanadi living along the coast of Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India benefit from the forests on one side and the sea on the other. An article in The Hindu last week briefly described the lives of those fishing people. The reporter for The Hindu, T. Appala Naidu, visited some Yanadi families living in the Nagayalanka […]

About 75 percent of the economy of the Tristan Islanders is based on fishing for Tristan lobsters, Jasus tristani, the market for which has just been expanded significantly. Ovenstone Agencies, the South African company that is licensed to control the catching and processing of the lobsters in the waters around the Tristan Islands, made a […]

Two years ago the Indian press covered a hopeful story about a Yanadi village that had established a crab framing operation near Sorlagondi, a coastal community in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Last week, a news source reported that the Indian Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has completed studies about the suitability of a […]

Last Thursday, the Marine Stewardship Council announced that the rock lobster fishery operation of Tristan da Cunha has been certified as sustainable and well-managed. During a ceremony in the Shoreline Café, at Cape Town’s popular Two Oceans Aquarium, the MSC gave its award to the Ovenstone Agency, the local firm that manages the Tristan fishery. […]