A Hutterite colony in southwestern Alberta was targeted by animal rights activists early in the morning of September 2, which prompted many reports in the Canadian press. And that is what the protesters were after: publicity for their cause of freeing all domestic livestock from being butchered. An effective summary of the events of that […]

A court hearing has finally been held in Aswan, Egypt, for the 32 Nubian protesters who had been arrested following their demonstration on September 3, 2017. Of the 32 people, 24 were arrested during the protests that day and the rest were apprehended later. Charged by the government with such crimes as inciting protests, disrupting […]

On Wednesday January 23, the political crisis in Venezuela deepened when Juan Guaidó, leader of the national assembly, declared himself to be the interim president until another election could be held. He maintained that the earlier presidential election had been corrupt and that the victory President Nicholas Maduro had declared for himself was therefore invalid. […]

A statement by the young Nubian activist Siham Othman was widely quoted after she was arrested, along with 23 other protesters during their peaceful demonstration in Aswan early last September. She was quoted again two weeks ago in an Associated Press news report reviewing the reasons for the Nubian discontent. The writer, Hamza Hendawi, is […]

Protests by the Semai over the construction of a hydroelectric dam that is destroying their forests, waters, and livelihoods have been increasing over the past couple of months. Numerous news sources in Malaysia have been covering the developments in six Orang Asli villages located in the town of Gopeng, in Perak State. A news story […]

Two weeks ago, the Washington Post published a scathing opinion piece by an American scholar about discrimination by the Egyptian government against their Nubian citizens. Amy Austin Holmes, who teaches at the American University in Cairo, focused her analysis on the recent reelection of Abdel el-Sisi as President of Egypt and the ways his government […]