With so much focus in the media lately on the continuing grim news about the pandemic, it is good to read about peaceful people such as the Paliyans who thrive on having fun.  On Thursday last week, S. Ramarajan posted in his blog a description of six different games that are—or at least used to […]

Women from the Baker Hutterite Colony near MacGregor, Manitoba, played the last ice hockey game of a ten-year series of contests with a local women’s team, the MacGregor Iron Maidens, on Monday evening the 17th. The CBC News posted a fascinating story about the contest and its meaning for the two communities. Tirzah Maendel, who […]

What kind of people would say to a child who is adjusting to the birth of an infant into the family, “why don’t you kill your baby brother?” Provocative as the question may seem, the answers are neither simple nor straightforward. But in an article from 1994, just added to the Archive of this website, […]