Women from the Baker Hutterite Colony near MacGregor, Manitoba, played the last ice hockey game of a ten-year series of contests with a local women’s team, the MacGregor Iron Maidens, on Monday evening the 17th. The CBC News posted a fascinating story about the contest and its meaning for the two communities. Tirzah Maendel, who […]

Competition is anathema to some of the peaceful societies, such as the Kadar, Semai, Piaroa, and Chewong, where people fear it might provoke resentment, anger, and even violence. For other peaceful societies, it is simply a harmless and enjoyable part of life. Tristan da Cunha is one of those places, where the spirit of friendly […]

Birhor girls living in the Indian village of Chalkari are learning, as the Deccan Herald delicately put it on Saturday, how to fight “for a better life.” The paper reported that numerous girls living in the village, located in the Dhanbad District, Jharkhand State, have taken up the sport of boxing. Several sources reported nearly […]

The opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics will be held on February 12, and the Olympic torch is on its way across Canada. A report on a Canadian TV website last week highlighted the interest—and lack of interest—among Hutterites along the torch route. Hutterite colonies apparently are taking different approaches to the sports event. […]