It is not too soon to begin celebrating the centenary of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees American women the right to vote. Already, our news media are reporting on local celebrations of the growing gender equality in the U.S. that the amendment symbolized, which will presumably culminate on the actual anniversary […]

What prompts violence and warfare among human beings? What are the best ways to promote peacefulness within societies, and peace between them? Is humanity fundamentally aggressive? Numerous scholars and writers have argued all of those questions. Some seek to prove that all humans are warlike in nature. Their arguments have been based, in part, on […]

One day, while the 19 year old college student was walking near a bank a mile from camp, an adult hyena walked out of a hole and bared its teeth at her. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas wisely walked off at an angle, showing neither fear nor aggression towards the predator. The hyena seemed satisfied and backed […]

The Ju/’hoansi that the Marshall family lived with in the 1950s avoided jealousy and emphasized cooperation, according to an interview last week with Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of the best seller The Harmless People. Ms. Thomas indicated to the interviewer that both she and her mother, Lorna Marshall, who did extensive ethnographic field work among […]