An online atlas of eastern Canadian Arctic trails, published two weeks ago, offers new perceptions about Inuit culture, according to the three authors responsible for the project. The new atlas, called Pan Inuit Trails, was compiled over the course of 15 years by Francis Taylor of Carleton University, Michael Bravo from the University of Cambridge, […]

Three years ago, the Kerala state government agency for tribal affair, KIRTADS, opened a renovated ethnological museum, which features displays that include various Kadar artifacts—some ornaments, household objects, photographs and one of their huts. The museum is located about 7 km from Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, a city of one million people. The museum […]

Robert Hitchcock has a generally pessimistic view of the progress made by the Ju/’hoansi in Botswana. While the Ju/’hoansi of Namibia have been able to gain some rights to their traditional lands, the ones living in Botswana have been less successful overall. The reason is that the government of that country does not believe in […]