A Kansas county has become the latest American community to take a hard line against the Amish use of unregulated outhouses, according to a news story last week. The adversaries explored the issue at a meeting of the Bourbon County Commissioners, who indicated that they were studying the matter. Apparently, fairly conservative Amish families began […]

The Schwartzentruber Amish in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, went back to court to seek relief from the harsh penalties imposed by county judge Norman Krumenacker earlier this year. On the judge’s orders, an Amish school was padlocked in March by county sheriffs because the outhouses near the school did not meet state and county specifications for […]

Andy Schwartzentruber was released from the Cambria County, Pennsylvania, jail last week after completing his 90 day sentence for refusing to bring his outhouses into compliance with the orders of a judge. The Amish man feels that state and county regulations specifying construction and cleaning details of outhouses violate his religious rights. He had provided […]

A district judge in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, sent a conservative Amish man to jail for refusing to compromise with officials over the outhouses he provides at a school on his property. Judge Norman Krumenacker last week found Andy Schwartzentruber in contempt of court for failing to bring the outhouses into compliance with regulations that govern […]

Officials in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, are obsessing about the inadequacies of outhouses at two new farmhouses built for Schwartzentruber Amish families. According to news reports last Thursday, County Judge Norman Krumenacker hopes to work out a compromise with the Amish families that are violating the county sewer codes and the officials charged with enforcing the […]