The Amish are starting to leave Lancaster County, according to an article published last week in the daily digital magazine Ozymandus (or “OZY” for short). The piece, written by Chris Scinta, indicates that the tourism industry, which has blossomed in the county, is so badly affecting the lifestyle of the Amish themselves that some have […]

The Schwartzentruber Amish are finally leaving Cambria County, Pennsylvania, and the local paper, the Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown, is obviously pleased. In an editorial last Friday, the paper presented its law-and-order stance against the Amish violators of local regulations. It indicated that the Schwartzentruber families had refused, for their own religious reasons, to put safety orange […]

Andy Schwartzentruber was released from the Cambria County, Pennsylvania, jail last week after completing his 90 day sentence for refusing to bring his outhouses into compliance with the orders of a judge. The Amish man feels that state and county regulations specifying construction and cleaning details of outhouses violate his religious rights. He had provided […]

A district judge in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, sent a conservative Amish man to jail for refusing to compromise with officials over the outhouses he provides at a school on his property. Judge Norman Krumenacker last week found Andy Schwartzentruber in contempt of court for failing to bring the outhouses into compliance with regulations that govern […]

Amish farm kids have different types of accidents from other country children, according to a recent study published in a pediatrics journal. Five authors at the Hershey Medical Center of Penn State University studied the records of 135 admissions of Amish children to the trauma center at the Children’s Hospital from January 1997 through November […]

The horse and buggy culture, symbolic of the Amish and their resistance to contemporary lifestyles, is not always appreciated in the bucolic valleys of Central Pennsylvania. When conflicts arise with their non-Amish neighbors, the Amish tend to lose. In a case that has been dragging on for nearly two years, a local judge decided in […]