An Amish couple has settled a lawsuit against the U.S. federal government with guarantees that their freedom from being photographed will not be abrogated. The Indianapolis Star published an account of the historic agreement on May 29. Since Old Order Amish religious beliefs prohibit self-promotion, they were listed in the lawsuit only as “John and […]

Drivers in a couple Hutterite colonies in Alberta may start driving illegally. Last July, the two colonies lost their appeal to the Canadian Supreme Court to be exempt from the provincial requirement that photos were required for their driver’s licenses. They believe that the requirement violates their religious freedom, and they feel strongly that they […]

Although the Supreme Court of Canada, in July, denied that a couple Hutterite colonies have the right to provincial drivers’ licenses without photos on them, the Hutterites have appealed for a rehearing. Led by the Wilson Colony near Lethbridge, Alberta, the two colonies decided to contest a 2003 ruling by the province that all drivers’ […]

Throughout October, Canadians have been responding to the freedom of religious expression issues raised by the Wilson Colony of Hutterites in southern Alberta. The Wilson Colony believes that a 2003 change in provincial law, which requires all driver’s licenses to include valid photos, violates their understanding of the Second Commandment forbidding graven images. Since their […]

The contentious issue of freedom of religion for Hutterite colonies in Alberta was back in the news last weekend because the Canadian Supreme Court has decided to hear their case. In 2003, the Province of Alberta decided to abolish its long-standing policy that had permitted religious exemptions to its requirement that every driver’s license must […]

The Wilson Hutterite Colony, near Lethbridge, Alberta, won a court case which requests that they not be required to have their photos on their provincial drivers licenses. Previous to 2003, the province had allowed the registrar of driver’s licensing to use discretion in allowing exemptions from the photo requirement because of religious reasons. The province […]

The CBC is reporting that some Hutterites in southern Alberta are challenging a new provincial law that all driver’s licenses must have photos. According to the Wilson Colony—near Coaldale, east of Lethbridge—the law violates their freedom of religion. They believe that the Second Commandment, which forbids making graven images, should be understood quite literally. Before […]