On Wednesday January 23, the political crisis in Venezuela deepened when Juan Guaidó, leader of the national assembly, declared himself to be the interim president until another election could be held. He maintained that the earlier presidential election had been corrupt and that the victory President Nicholas Maduro had declared for himself was therefore invalid. […]

Nubian activists were peacefully demonstrating in Aswan for their rights on Sunday September 3rd when the police responded by arresting 24 of them. The Nubians, citing Article 263 in the current constitution, which provides for the return of lands in Southern Egypt to them, held widely-publicized protests for their rights last November, but the government […]

Last Wednesday, a U.S. appeals court reversed the hate crimes convictions of Sam Mullet, Sr., and his followers, a decision that Donald Kraybill compared to “splitting legal hairs over Amish beards.” A three-member panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, in Cincinnati, decided that the federal judge in Cleveland had […]

Reuters recently interviewed an Ohio Amish couple who have returned to their homes after nearly a year in prison, to which they were sentenced as a result of their hate crimes. Kathryn and Raymond Miller, from Bergholz, Ohio, had participated with 14 others in attacks on several other Amish people in northeastern Ohio under the […]