A couple months ago, some Kadar were working to restore one of their worship sites in Kerala’s Vazhachal Forest when forestry department officials going past asked them to stop. They politely refused, citing their rights under India’s Forest Rights Act (FRA). According to a report last week by Sibi Arasu in The News Minute, a […]

Reuters recently interviewed an Ohio Amish couple who have returned to their homes after nearly a year in prison, to which they were sentenced as a result of their hate crimes. Kathryn and Raymond Miller, from Bergholz, Ohio, had participated with 14 others in attacks on several other Amish people in northeastern Ohio under the […]

Two scholars at the University of Laval wondered if money could buy happiness, a seemingly trivial question but one that can have serious implications for people such as the Inuit who live on the fringes of modern affluence. Their investigation, presented in a journal article last August, focused on the ethics of human happiness. What […]

The Semai are famed as one of the most peaceful societies on earth. An important journal article from 1981 that explains how Semai beliefs foster their peacefulness has just been added to the website Archive. Robarchek (1981) describes the worldview of the Semai, with a particular focus on how they view positive and negative behaviors—goodness […]