The Mennonite Heritage Museum and Park in Henderson, Nebraska, is hosting a traveling peace exhibit that features the famous Hutterite war resisters who were tortured to death by the American army during World War I. The traveling exhibit, titled “Voices of Conscience: Peace Witness in the Great War,” opened at the museum on Sunday, July […]

Two very different news stories last week relate to the same theme: how should a country like the U.S. treat dissidents who violate its laws when they express their objections to warfare? One article was a reminder about the torture of Hutterites in military prisons in 1918, while the other is about Bradley Manning, a […]

While Monday was a holiday in rural Pennsylvania—the opening day of rifle buck season—last weekend brought no joy to the G/wi hunters of the Kalahari. In fact, they want to regain their traditional hunting rights, so they are planning to take the Botswana government into court once again. During the past couple of months, Botswana […]

The tourist brochures at the Indiana Turnpike rest area on Tuesday afternoon seemed to promise smiling Amish kids and scenes of perpetual summer in Shipshewana. Despite the overcast, rainy afternoon in mid-February, perhaps it was worth a look. Patches of old, dirty snow and numerous pieces of trash speckled the countryside along the highway, which […]