A news report from Montana last week examines how well a new manufacturing venture at the Golden Valley Hutterite Colony in Ryegate, Montana, is doing. Golden Valley started fabricating steel roofs and steel siding for the new buildings construction industry a year ago. The news story last week indicates that the new firm, Valley Steel, […]

A Montana Hutterite colony has plowed under a field of lentils and erected instead a facility for manufacturing the steel roofs and siding materials used in building construction. A report in the Billings Gazette last week explained what the colony is doing. The new venture, called Valley Steel LLC, is located at the Golden Valley […]

Young Amish people are increasingly being drawn into the use of smartphones and computers, yet they are still trying to maintain their traditional horse-drawn culture. An article credited to the New York Times but published on the CNBC website on September 15th explored the efforts of many of the traditional Amish to retain barriers with […]

Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired Magazine, will be the featured speaker this evening at an international conference titled “Amish America: Plain Technology in a Cyber World.” The title of Mr. Kelly’s presentation, scheduled for 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving time, will be “What the Amish Can Teach (and Learn) from Nerds and […]

The authors of a recent scholarly paper suggest that the indigenous minorities of Malaysia—the Orang Asli—might have to sacrifice their lifestyles and cultures in order to achieve digital parity with the rest of the country. The basic reason is that the Malaysian government has articulated a goal of having a modern, completely computer literate, society […]

The Amish observe that technology exerts a powerful impact on human cultures, and they insist on controlling it in their own society so that it does not subvert their values. They feel that their culture, their religion, and their communities depend on understanding the potential relationships between technology and society—how each influences the other and […]