A news report from Montana last week examines how well a new manufacturing venture at the Golden Valley Hutterite Colony in Ryegate, Montana, is doing. Golden Valley started fabricating steel roofs and steel siding for the new buildings construction industry a year ago. The news story last week indicates that the new firm, Valley Steel, […]

A number of Hutterite colonies in Manitoba are hiring non-Hutterites as employees in their manufacturing businesses, which is beginning to change their economic and social relationships. The Winnipeg Free Press explained the development in a news story on May 5. The largest enterprise cited by the news service is a company called Springfield Woodworking, owned […]

A Montana Hutterite colony has plowed under a field of lentils and erected instead a facility for manufacturing the steel roofs and siding materials used in building construction. A report in the Billings Gazette last week explained what the colony is doing. The new venture, called Valley Steel LLC, is located at the Golden Valley […]