The Paliyans are proud to vote in elections according to a news story posted in this website nearly seven years ago. It appears from a report in The Hindu on April 6 as if they are still just as committed to voting. A Paliyan community near Shenbagathoppu asked officials to establish a voting place for […]

It’s an election year in the U.S. and once again the Republicans are looking for ways to get more votes in Pennsylvania from the Amish. A news story on a Harrisburg-area television station last week described their latest attempt to court the Lancaster County Amish. According to the report, the Trump administration invited some Amish […]

Last week The New Indian Express sent a reporter into a Kadar colony in Kerala to see how the tribal people there were reacting to the prospect of voting. The third phase of the Indian General Election was scheduled to include the state of Kerala on April 23. The Kadar whom the reporter interviewed expressed […]

General elections for the Lok Sabha, the parliament of India, are scheduled to be held in phases in the different states over the coming weeks. The first phase on April 11 will include the state of Andhra Pradesh, which this year will include a group of nearly 2,000 new voters from the Yanadi society. According […]

Republican leaders in Pennsylvania are becoming nervous that citizens who supported Donald Trump in 2016 are considering voting for Democrats in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections. Donald Trump, Jr., attended a state Republican gathering in Hershey on September 21 and tried to reassure the faithful in the crowd about the accomplishments of his dad. Party […]

Republican leaders in Pennsylvania are hoping that the Amish of Lancaster County will strongly support Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election this coming November. An interesting news story last week in, an online companion to The Patriot-News from Harrisburg, reviewed the history of conservative voting by the Amish—when they decide to vote, that […]