A reporter from the CTV television network visited some Hutterites outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, recently and observed how devoted they are to their culture, families, and language. Julie Clark, the reporter, toured the Sunny Dale Colony, located in the Canadian prairie 40 miles west northwest of the city, to gain some perspectives on Hutterite society. […]

Over 1,300 residents of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, signed an appeal supporting local Amish objections to building code regulations, which they say violate their religious beliefs. The controversy over the rights of the Amish to observe their religion as they wish made headlines in western Wisconsin last week when the issue was raised at the weekly […]

People in some American communities don’t want to say they dislike the Amish, so they complain instead about the manure their horses drop while pulling their buggies into town. The latest horse manure fuss comes from Brown City, Michigan, a small community of about 1,300 people located on the eastern side of the lower peninsula […]

While Hutterites normally maintain harmony within their colonies, the powerful odors from their large, hog-raising operations can challenge relationships with their rural neighbors. One Hutterite colony in southwest Alberta appears to be trying to do something about the hog-barn stench that sometimes wafts over a nearby town. The Pincher Creek Echo last week carried a […]