A reporter from the CTV television network visited some Hutterites outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, recently and observed how devoted they are to their culture, families, and language. Julie Clark, the reporter, toured the Sunny Dale Colony, located in the Canadian prairie 40 miles west northwest of the city, to gain some perspectives on Hutterite society. […]

Hanna Kienzler’s new book about Hutterite women offers a treasure trove of information about their contributions to the stability and longevity of their society. Her work is interesting to read and it makes many interesting contributions to Hutterite scholarship. Two basic questions form the backbone of the work: (1) at the individual, community, and national […]

Scholars who want to study the Hutterites are frustrated by the fact that they resist what they see as intrusive surveys, prying researchers, and structured interviews. Instead of using standard social science data-gathering techniques, Bron B. Ingoldsby and Suzanne R. Smith decided to find out more about contemporary Hutterite society, particularly their family relations, by […]