The Tristan Islanders celebrated what they call “Old Year’s Night,” the last night of December, with the usual revelry this year—and with a couple of effective speeches thrown in. Descriptions and photos of the event were posted on the Tristan website last week. The Chief Islander, Ian Lavarello, spoke about the events of 2012 in […]

July is a month for patriotism—at least, it is a time for celebration and introspection—among Canadians, Americans, the French, and the Inuit. Last week, July 9th, the Inuit marked Nunavut Day, the anniversary of their territory’s peaceful transition to autonomy 19 years ago. It follows the Canadian celebration of its independence from England, called Canada […]

Every year, a church in Santa Monica, California, hosts celebrations by immigrants from different Zapotec communities who seek to preserve the customs of their original villages. The Los Angeles Times ran an interesting story last Thursday about the changes in the church, St. Anne’s Church and Shrine, and the ways the Zapotec people from all […]