A news report on The Weather Channel website last week summarized evidence showing that global climate change is starting to destroy the cultural heritage of Ladakh. Though not all Ladakhis agree with the causes of the destruction, historic structures are being weakened and destroyed by the changing weather conditions. In order to cope with increasingly […]

On Tuesday last week, Lepchas celebrated an important festival in numerous villages of Sikkim with dancing, singing by masked performers, and displaying models of their sacred mountain, Tendong. The Northeast Today published an article on Wednesday about the annual festival, called Tendong Lho Rum Faat, as did a number of other websites. In Daramdin, a […]

While Americans have obsessed recently about flooding threats from the Red River to Fargo, North Dakota, a much larger Canadian city, Winnipeg, also faces flooding danger from the river. Canadians have been frantically piling sandbags along the river to protect their communities, and several local Hutterite colonies have pitched in to help. Americans may view […]