The massive earthquake that rocked southern Mexico shortly before midnight two weeks ago damaged or destroyed thousands of buildings and killed scores of people in the Zapotec city of Juchitán de Zaragoza. The magnitude 8.1 or 8.2 quake was located about 150 miles southeast of the city in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, off the coast […]

The media often report how the Amish form work groups after disasters strike in order  to repair and reconstruct buildings that have burned down or blown away. The Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, exceeded even their own high standards over the past two weeks by rapidly rebuilding structures destroyed by a tornado. On Wednesday evening, […]

The Cayley Hutterite Colony, located 30 miles south of the outskirts of Calgary, was recognized a couple weeks ago at a ceremony in the city for the flood relief it provided recently in southwestern Alberta. According to an article in the Nanton News last week, the Hutterites had pitched in to help with flood relief […]

The news about Tristan da Cunha last month was dire. A huge ship had crashed on a reef near Tristan, threatening not only thousands of sea birds but the economy and social traditions of the Tristan Islanders as well. On March 16th, the MV Oliva, a 75,000 ton bulk carrier taking a load of soy […]

The Ladakhi people are working together, with assistance from many benefactors, to rebuild from the devastation caused by floods in early August that destroyed parts of Leh and surrounding villages. Several news stories from India last week focused on the continuing problems in Ladakh, and the progress that is being made as winter weather sets […]

While Americans have obsessed recently about flooding threats from the Red River to Fargo, North Dakota, a much larger Canadian city, Winnipeg, also faces flooding danger from the river. Canadians have been frantically piling sandbags along the river to protect their communities, and several local Hutterite colonies have pitched in to help. Americans may view […]

When a tornado nearly destroyed an Amish farm in western Missouri a week and a half ago, the family was overwhelmed by the way their neighbors quickly rebuilt their buildings. The Fort Wayne, Indiana, News Sentinel, and numerous other newspapers, carried an AP story last Sunday that focused on the way the Amish help one […]