Last week the Sikkim Chronicle published a feature story about a retired Lepcha civil servant and educator who exemplifies the giving spirit of her society. Although this website published  an article about her in 2012, Ms. Keepu Tsering Lepcha is inspiring enough to warrant another look at her accomplishments and ideals. Ms. Keepu was born […]

An Alberta school district stretching from the outskirts of Calgary south to Lethbridge includes 17 Hutterite colony schools and over 365 students in them. Called the Palliser Regional Schools, the district has to confront a unique problem—supplying substitute teachers—for the schools on the rural colonies. Headquartered in Lethbridge, the district has come up with a […]

A community learning center in Malaysia serves to integrate, for some Semai children, formal academic classroom subjects with lessons about their traditional culture. A school day might begin with instruction in reading, writing, and math presented by their teacher, but it would be followed by the fun of learning to play the chentong, a musical […]

A sit-down strike begun in April by 46 Lepcha paraprofessional teachers protesting their treatment by Gorkha authorities in India’s West Bengal State ended peacefully last week when a face-saving compromise was announced. The strike by the teachers, called a dharna in India, had been in effect for 109 days. They were pleased to receive a […]

Bobo Tsamkxao #Oma, Chief of the Ju/’hoansi Traditional Authority, blamed teachers and school authorities for the failures of many Ju/’hoansi kids in their schools. He decried the fact that they did little to motivate the children to do their schoolwork. The chief spoke at a public meeting along with Anna Hipondoka, the Deputy Minister of […]

The Lepchas are confronting the authorities in India’s West Bengal state over their right to have their language taught in the local schools. The controversy, covered in the Indian news media over the past month, echoes the even more serious conflicts of two years ago when the Lepchas sought to dramatize the discrimination they suffered […]

Robert Levy told his graduate student, Paula Levin, that he really disliked small talk, except when he was doing field research with the Tahitians, with whom he constantly conversed in an informal manner. Levin writes, in a recent issue of Ethos devoted to Levy, that his ability to engage people in such informal conversations were […]

Scholars who want to study the Hutterites are frustrated by the fact that they resist what they see as intrusive surveys, prying researchers, and structured interviews. Instead of using standard social science data-gathering techniques, Bron B. Ingoldsby and Suzanne R. Smith decided to find out more about contemporary Hutterite society, particularly their family relations, by […]