Some Hutterite colonies in Manitoba are repaying the supportive kindness toward them displayed by the Jewish community in the province nearly 75 years ago. The details of this long-standing positive relationship were described on January 30 by the Winnipeg Free Press. On April 21, 1947, a group of Jewish businesspeople testified at a hearing in […]

Just before Christmas, the Salvation Army in the small city of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, held a Hutterite Appreciation Lunch to honor the local colonies that have supplied tons of free food to help them feed people throughout the year. Captain Ed Dean of the Swift Current Salvation Army told a reporter that the Hutterites donate […]

The Hutterites in rural north central Montana like to give back to their fellow human beings by donating blood at the local American Red Cross blood drives held regularly in their region. According to a story in the Great Falls Tribune last week, their contributions during the blood drives often make up a sizeable portion […]

The tradition of holiday giving appears to be alive and well among the Hutterites of southwestern Saskatchewan. A news story four years ago described the way a number of colonies were cooperating with the local Salvation Army post in the small city of Swift Current, SK, by supplying tons of food for distribution to the […]

The cultural beliefs of some societies, such as the Ju/’hoansi, prompt people to share generously, to forgive failures, and to act altruistically. But there’s a catch. The actors and their actions must be known publicly. When people can act anonymously, their behavior may become more self-focused. Polly Wiessner, an anthropologist who has studied the Ju/’hoansi […]

Last week’s Science Times carried an article explaining why the Ju/’hoansi are so enthusiastic about giving gifts. It’s a question of survival. A New York Times reporter interviewed Pauline (Polly) Wiessner, an anthropology professor at the University of Utah, whose published scholarship has included works on gift giving in the Kalahari. Wiessner maintains that Ju/’hoansi […]