A young Semai artist has produced, with the help of others, a children’s book that addresses the environmental issues faced by young Malaysians. The Star, a prominent Malaysian newspaper, featured the new book in a story on July 8. Saluji Yeok So Alu, the 26-year old artist, recently completed his second book, entitled Let the […]

A feature in Geographical magazine on January 2 analyzed the reasons for Rural Thai women taking increasingly important roles in environmental protest movements in their country. Their activism is having an impact on thwarting some developments, but at a considerable personal cost, the article explains. The lengthy article goes into detail about the roles that […]

Raymond King, an Amish farmer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is building on earlier measures he has used to save his soil by incorporating the latest management practices to protect his local watershed. He has been using a no-till technique of planting on his 75 acre farm since 1979, which has helped retard soil erosion. He […]