Two weeks ago, the Washington Post published a scathing opinion piece by an American scholar about discrimination by the Egyptian government against their Nubian citizens. Amy Austin Holmes, who teaches at the American University in Cairo, focused her analysis on the recent reelection of Abdel el-Sisi as President of Egypt and the ways his government […]

A month after extreme right racists demonstrated in Charlottesville their hatred for non-white people, another Virginia city proudly celebrated its history of accepting a persecuted African. On Saturday, September 16, the city of Lynchburg, 55 miles to the southwest of Charlottesville, unveiled a public marker to an Mbuti man. Lynchburg congratulated itself for providing sanctuary […]

The racism that Nubians in Egypt sometimes experience from the Arab majority in their country was dramatized last week in a widely publicized incident involving a popular soccer (football) star. The incident exemplifies the bigotry that the Nubian writer Idris Ali wrote about in a major novel, which was the subject of a review here […]

Criticisms of a prominent BBC broadcaster, who made an offensive, racist remark a couple weeks ago about what he calls “primitive” people, keep reverberating. Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 program “Moral Maze,” Michael Buerk said, “the only really primitive societies to survive into the modern age are the tribes in the remote parts of […]